the guys


Senior year is such an exciting time with graduation and the end of highs school marking the beginning of adulthood. Photographing high school seniors is one of my favorites because each teen has their own  unique interests, style, and personality. I love showing off each one’s individuality! In this gallery, you will see senior guys who volunteer as a firefighter, play football, play guitar, and more!

Senior portrait sessions may be scheduled any time of the year, before or during your senior year. I have a private location available for those who love the outdoors, but sessions may be held at the location of your choice within the metro Atlanta area. Be sure to choose a location that fits your style – and remember to bring items that show off your interests, extracurricular activities, and hobbies. I want to capture what makes you “you” during this time in your life!

More information can be found here and “What to Wear” ideas for your session have been pinned to the Simply Corey Photography Pinterest boards. Be sure to check out more examples of senior portrait sessions from Atlanta photographer, Simply Corey Photography, on the blog.

Send me an email to find out how to schedule your custom senior portrait session!