your studio newborn session


Thank you so much for trusting Simply Corey Photography with your family's memories! Please take a moment to read through this page so you know what to expect from your portrait experience with me. Of course, you're always welcome to contact me with any questions you may have too. The fastest way to reach me is via email:, but you are also welcome to call: (678) 896-9502. I look forward to working with you!

newborn photographer near Atlanta, baby girl in off white set with flowers

before your session

→ Sleepy Babies

Newborns do best during their portrait session when they are in a deep sleep because they don't control their eyes and reflexes well yet. Here are a few tips to help your baby sleep during their session:

• I recommend stimulating your baby at least 1-2 hours before your arrival by giving them a warm bath and keeping them awake on the car ride to the studio.

• Dress baby in a sleeper that zips or snaps in the front for the car ride over. Do not put baby in something that has to go over their head when undressing.

• Try to plan a feeding as soon as you arrive. Most babies are happiest with full bellies!

• If you are breastfeeding, do not try any new foods and keep your meals mild the night before and the morning of.

• Babies are used to a 98.6ºF environment and sleep best when they are warm. The studio will be around 80ºF when you arrive to ensure a cozy environment.


• Be prepared for up to 3 hours of session time. Newborns run the show and may require extra feedings, diaper changes, etc.


• We will still be able to get beautiful photos if your baby refuses to sleep, as long as they are content. Swaddling usually helps, so we may have to stick to photos that have baby wrapped!

Atlanta newborn photographer, studio session with fall flowers and pumpkins

→ What to Wear



You don't have to worry about bringing any clothing for your baby! Since most clothing tends to look big and bulky on babies, I recommend keeping things simple with wraps and specialized outfits I have at the studio.





I highly recommend everyone wear solid neutral colors that complement each other. Off-white, beige, brown, grey, and black all photograph well and keep the focus on you and your new baby.


Avoid patterns, large logos or words, and character clothing, since these take away from your family in your portraits.


Have everyone in the same season and style - no sweaters with sleeveless, all dressy or casual, etc.


The studio will be warm for your session, so dress accordingly - or bring something you'll be comfortable in once family portraits are done.





Wear properly fitting clothing that won't need adjusting. Avoid necklines that reveal bra straps, tops that are too short and won't stay tucked in, and tops or dresses that have too much extra room in the middle.


Wear something you are comfortable and confident in. The photos are more about your connection with your baby, so simple is best!


Make sure fingernails are free of chipped nail polish.





A neutral tee shirt, Henley, button-up, or sweater with jeans is perfect. Be sure to match your style with Mom as far as dressy or casual.


Make sure facial hair is trimmed and neat and fingernails are clean and trimmed.

→ Props

Please let me know ahead of time if you have anything specific in mind that you would like to include or do during your session! You are welcome to bring some sentimental items to your newborn session or use something I have in the studio. It is better to email me photos of what you have in mind before your session so I can better prepare or let you know if they can be used.


I have a variety of wraps, hats, headbands, baskets, etc. and will have a few different sets ready for you to choose from when you arrive.

newborn photographer near Atlanta, baby boy in white set with little pumpkins

the day of your session

→ Be Ready!

I know heading out the door with a new baby can be challenging. Pack your bag the night before and give yourself plenty of time to get ready in the morning because you won't want to be rushed or frazzled. Babies can sense stress!

→ What to Bring

Besides any special props you'd like to use, I recommend bringing the following:


• extra diapers


• a pacifier - even if your baby doesn't normally use one


• 1-2 burp cloths


• an extra feeding


• a plain white onesie, in case baby refuses to sleep


• a snack and some water for you

→ Bring Someone Along

You are welcome to have your partner, parent, or friend come along as an extra set of hands. I do recommend only having 1 other person due to the limited amount of space in the studio.


If you would like photos with older children or grandparents, I highly recommend you have them come separately at the beginning or end of the session so they don't have to stay the whole time.

newborn photographer near Atlanta, baby boy in grey swaddle during studio session

after your session

→ A Sneak Peek

I typically show a sneak peek within the first couple of business days after your session! These are posted on my Facebook and Instagram accounts and I will email you to let you know it has been posted so you don't miss them.


You are welcome to tag yourself in or click share underneath the Facebook photo to show all of your family and friends! You are also welcome to share the Instagram post to your story! And if you'd like, comment on the Instagram post and I will tag you in the photo once I know your username!

→ Your Gallery

Your private online gallery will be ready approximately 2 weeks after our session and will be available for 5 consecutive days.


I will email you when your gallery is ready for viewing. Once you confirm a start date, I will email you detailed instructions on how to view and order. You are welcome to share your gallery link and passwords with family and friends too!


All gallery images are watermarked and low-resolution. Purchased images will not be watermarked, and will be high-resolution and suitable for printing your own enlargements.


All images are property of Corey Farrar of Simply Corey Photography, and it is illegal to copy, screenshot, download, or print images from your gallery.

→ Retouching

Minor retouching is included in your session and covers small amounts of baby acne or dry skin.


If extensive editing is needed, there will be an additional retouching fee on ordered images. I will show an example on one or two images in your gallery and the rest will be done after images are ordered.

→ Ordering

Orders must be placed within the 5-day viewing period. A $50 republishing fee is required to view your gallery for 3 additional days once it expires.


Each digital image ordered comes with a color and black & white version.


Payment plans may be arranged, but payment is due in full before orders are fulfilled and delivered.


Digital image orders will be delivered electronically within 3 business days of payment clearing.


Print and product orders will require a flat rate of $10 for shipping and may take up to 2 weeks to be delivered.


Due to the custom nature of the products offered, all sales are final.