babies, children, & families


getting to know you

If you haven't already, please take a few minutes to complete the client questionnaire I have emailed you. This will allow me to get to know you and your family a little better and to better prepare for our upcoming session together.


If your baby or child eats a lot of orange foods, such as sweet potatoes or even spaghetti sauce, their skin may end up with an orange glow around their nose and mouth which will show up in your photos. Try to limit orange food 3-4 days before our session.


Be sure to wipe your child’s face before our session, just in case! You are welcome to bring a snack for your child if it is absolutely necessary because more time snacking means less time taking photos! Please refrain from bringing colored drinks or messy foods.


No need to worry about small scratches or bruises before our session since minor retouching is included, but if your child has a major injury, it is best to reschedule. You are welcome to email me a picture if you are unsure about rescheduling.


As a mom to 5, I completely understand children getting sick or injured, I just ask that you notify me as soon as possible if you need to reschedule. A sick child will not be themselves and it will show in their portraits.


Also, please schedule your session around meals, naps, and vaccinations to ensure a happy baby. If your child is entirely uncooperative during our time together and I feel we do not have enough images, we will reschedule one time.

If inclement weather is forecast for the day of our session, we can wait until up to 1 hour before to decide if we should reschedule.

what to wear

Choosing the right clothing is one of the most important components to a successful portrait! Things to consider when choosing colors and styles for your clothing:


• individual personalities

• your session's location

body types


Solid colors and textures, such as knits and denim, always photograph beautifully and don't be afraid to layer or accessorize! Dark or neutral solid-colored shoes are also preferred.


You can view wardrobe suggestions on the Simply Corey Photography Pinterest boards and you are ALWAYS welcome to bring a few outfits or even email me at with photos of a few outfits so I can help you decide which ones will photograph best!

what not to wear

Avoid too much white, busy prints and patterns, small stripes, large logos and character clothing, sleeveless shirts, and anything that is too tight, too short. Make sure what you are wearing is flattering to your body type. Also, make sure that your clothing is as wrinkle-free as possible since wrinkles will show up in your photos and will not bed edited.


If you would like some pictures of your baby in their “birthday suit”, make sure diapers and clothing are not too tight prior to our session to prevent unflattering marks on their skin. This includes socks!

family portraits

If you will be including sibling or family images during your session, everyone should be wearing clothing similar in style and season (no tank tops mixed with sweaters, etc) in complementary tones. Shoes should also be the same tone as far as light or dark.


Avoid matching outfits for the whole family (everyone in the same polo and pants, for example), as well as too many stripes, plaids and other patterns. These may be used sparingly in a group.


MOMS: Makeup should be worn normally. If you do not typically wear makeup, I do recommend a light coat of mascara and lip balm/chapstick. And don't forget to take off any chipped nail polish!


DADS: If you normally shave, please do so before our session!

during your session

I believe eye contact has a strong impact on images, so having your child’s attention is very important. If you are calling your child’s name while standing off to the side, your child will be looking off to the side in every image. I ask that you allow me to interact with your child without competing for their attention. If I need your help, you are more than welcome to stand very close to me or even give me bunny ears to make your child smile!


Please only give your child what you won't mind seeing in their portraits. I cannot remove unwanted objects - such as keys, cell phones and snacks - out of the images once they are taken. This is where toys such as classic teddy bears and wooden blocks come in handy - a distraction that photographs well and won’t clash with your child’s portraits!

viewing your images

I will email you approximately 2 weeks after our session to let you know that your private online gallery is ready for viewing. You let me know which 5 consecutive days are best for you to view your session and place your order, and I will email you detailed instructions on the start day you have selected. You are more than welcome to share your gallery information with family and friends! A $50 republishing fee is required to view your gallery once it expires.


Session fees cover the time during your session, the editing of your photos, and a private online gallery. Session fees do not include prints, products, or digital images. A complete price list can be found here.


Payment is due in full before your order is fulfilled. Due to the nature of each product, all sales are final.


Please allow up to two weeks for your print order to be fulfilled. Custom albums and fine art canvases may take additional time. All orders will be mailed for a flat rate of $10.

reorders and archiving

Your session’s images will be archived once your order is completed. Though you are welcome to purchase additional photos later, digital media tends to be unpredictable and your images are not guaranteed past your initial ordering time. Current reorder pricing applies to all reorders.


I highly recommend purchasing digital images from your session and saving them on multiple computers, external hard drives, and/or with online storage for archival purposes. And don't forget to PRINT them!

more questions?

You are always welcome to send me an email at with any questions you have. I look forward to working with you!