with simply corey photography

getting to know you

If you haven't already, please take a few minutes to complete the client questionnaire so I can prepare for our upcoming session better!

Carrollton family photographer, outdoor fall mini session with baby

WHo will be photographed

We can do whatever groupings you'd like, but I typically take some the family together, siblings together, kids individually, and some of just the parents at each session. You're also welcome to bring your pet - I just ask that you let me know ahead of time!


Outdoor sessions are best soon right after the sun comes up and right before the sun goes down. Studio sessions may be scheduled for any time of day.


If you are including a baby or small child in your session, please schedule your session at a time that won't interfere with meals or nap time!


Sessions are available Sundays through Fridays only.


You may have your petite family session at my outdoor location OR inside the studio. We will not have time for both.


My outdoor location is on a country road with lots of pretty scenery.


The address is 8311 W Carroll Rd in Whitesburg and it's a white house on a dirt road. You can see it from the road, across from the mailbox.


I highly recommend using Google Maps since other GPS systems and apps tend to give wrong directions.


My phone number is 678-896-9502 if you need me.

Map to Simply Corey Photography

family photographer Douglasville, father and son in sunglasses outside

what to wear

I recommend complementary SOLID colors. Outdoor sessions should be in colors that coordinate with the location and season.


Patterns are fine if they are kept to a minimum. I recommend picking one outfit with a pattern and then coordinating everyone's outfit with the colors found in that pattern.


If wearing jeans, medium to dark jeans photograph best.


Solid color shoes in darker tones are recommended too.


Please wear something you're comfortable in and clothing that fits properly. Your discomfort will show in your photos, and clothing that is too tight will create bulges.


Examples of coordinating outfits can be found on my Pinterest board:

what NOT to wear

Avoid overly busy prints and patterns, tiny stripes or checks, large logos, and character clothing.


I also recommend staying away from stark white since it demands the attention in photos. Ivory, cream, and off white are much better choices.


Please make sure your clothing is as clean and wrinkle-free as possible since wrinkles will show up in your photos and will not be edited out.


Sleeveless tops and dresses are rarely flattering on anyone. I highly recommend something with sleeves.

Atlanta family photographer, fall portrait session on country road

HAIR, skin, & NAILS

Moms: Having your hair and makeup done (whether you do it yourself or have it done) will provide a more polished look. Even if you don't usually wear makeup, I recommend that you at least wear mascara and some lip balm/chapstick.


Dads: Please shave/trim facial hair for your session. If you're getting a haircut, try to do so a week before your session.


Kids: Please make sure faces are clean before your session. Fingernails should also be clean and trimmed. For babies, limit orange foods a few days before your session so they don't have an orange glow to their skin.


You are welcome to bring your pets as long as they're friendly and don't have anxiety about new people or places. Leashes are required. I recommend you bring a photogenic leash - neutral leather or a color that will coordinate with your outfits. We will also do some while hiding the leash. Off-leash photos are only permitted for obedient animals that will sit and stay on command.

Newnan pet photographer, child hugging Australian Shepherd dog


As a mom to 5, I completely understand that life happens and people get sick. I just ask that you notify me as soon as possible if you need to reschedule. Please do NOT show up to your session with a sick family member - you don't need to look sick in your photos and I don't need the germs!


If inclement weather is forecast for the day of our outdoor session, we can wait until 2 hours before to decide if we should reschedule.

during your session

I am very laid back and love to have fun during portrait sessions! As far as posing goes, I'll guide you so you look the most flattering. The biggest thing to remember is to relax!

viewing your images

Petite sessions include 10 digital images. You will be able to choose your 10 images from a private online gallery containing about 30 images.


Your gallery will be ready approximately 2 weeks after your session and I will email you when your photos are ready for viewing.


You'll then let me know the day you'd like to start your gallery, and I'll email you the instructions then.


Orders should be submitted within the 5-day period. A $25 per day republishing fee is required to view your gallery once it expires.

Atlanta family photographer, mom with kids outside

your order

Payment for your order is due in full before your order is fulfilled. Due to the nature of the digital and printed products offered, all sales are final.


Digital images will be delivered to you electronically within 3 business days. Custom USB drives may be purchased separately and will take additional time.


Please allow up to two weeks for print and product orders to be fulfilled. Custom albums will be ordered once you approve your custom design. All tangible orders will be mailed for a flat rate of $10.

reorders and archiving

Your session’s images will be archived once your order is completed. Though you are welcome to purchase additional photos later, digital media tends to be unpredictable and your images are not guaranteed after 90 days. Current pricing applies to all reorders.


I highly recommend purchasing digital images from your session and saving them on multiple computers, external hard drives, and/or with online storage for archival purposes. And don't forget to PRINT them!

more questions?

You are always welcome to send me an email at with any questions you have. I look forward to working with you!