preparing for your BABY'S MODELING session


Atlanta cake smash photographer, baby boy

before your session

• Getting to Know You

If you haven't already, please take a few minutes to complete this client questionnaire and contract. This is required prior to our session.


Please do NOT keep your appointment if your baby is a "mean mugger", not good with new people or places, extra clingy to mom or dad, etc,


Make sure you have scheduled your session for when your baby will be happiest.


Do NOT plan your baby's session during nap or meal times, and do NOT rely on baby napping in the car on the car ride here.


Sessions are typically best after baby's morning nap.


Please limit the amount of orange foods for 2-3 days before your session. Babies tend to get an orange glow to their skin when they eat carrots, sweet potatoes, and baby food pasta sauce.


• up to 40 minutes - this includes photographing baby, clothing changes, backdrop changes, getting baby settled, etc.


• 5 digital images of your choice; you will choose from approximately 10-15 images on a private online gallery


• The styling of your session (backdrops, props, and clothing) is chosen by Simply Corey Photography and no requests for additional shots may be made.


• This session is for specific marketing purposes and only the subject needed for the model call will be photographed.

• what to wear

An outfit - either whole or in part - is provided. I will let you know if you need to bring anything. Be sure to confirm your baby's size on the form I've sent you.

• what to bring

I recommend bringing:


• wipes to clean your baby's face before the session (the camera picks up more than you think)

• a bottle (if bottle-fed) and/or sippy cup of water

• toddler puff snacks or Cheerios in case a snack is needed to keep them on set (no messy or colorful snacks, or food with nuts)

• a favorite toy to get your baby's attention with


Please follow these strict requirements if you are bringing a smash cake:


• the best smash cakes are 6-8" round cakes with 2-3 layers

• if you are picking up a cake from the grocery store on the way to your session, choose an ALL WHITE frosted or "naked" cake

• do NOT choose cakes with random decorations or colorful piping on the top, etc. because these will look out of place

• you are welcome to bring a topper, but they will ultimately be taken off when baby starts grabbing it because of the pointy end

• ask your baker or look for a cake on a cardboard round that will coordinate with your set - white is always good

• white and light frosting is best; please do not choose red, brown, or black

• whipped frosting is the best, buttercream is a close second, and fondant is a no

• make sure the cake is not too cold at the time of our session


** A specific look is required and if the cake does NOT meet these standards, it will NOT be used and the cake smash fee will NOT be refunded.

the day of your session


Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get ready and arrive at your session - and remember to use Google Maps to get here. I have multiple sessions each day, and the time will come out of your allotted appointment if you are late.

• during the session

You are in charge of keeping baby on the set so I can be ready to take pictures at all times. Disclaimer: this can be a workout, so wear comfy clothes.


Please do not permit your baby to touch or play with the props in the set.


When trying to get your baby to smile, I need you to get down on my level and be as close to me as possible. You may see a smile as you're standing over in the corner, but my camera will capture your baby looking off to the side.


No photos (cameras or phones) are to be taken by anyone else during the session.


My studio space is smaller, so please keep the number of people attending the session with you to a minimum.

after your session

Atlanta cake smash photographer, baby girl with wooden spoon on explorer studio set

• A Sneak Peek

I typically show a sneak peek within 1-3 business days after your session. These are posted on my Facebook and Instagram accounts and I will email you to let you know it has been posted so you don't miss it.


I would love for you to like/love/comment on the post and click "share" so all of your family and friends can see it in your Facebook feed and Instagram story.

• Your Gallery & ORDERING

You will choose the 5 digital images from a private online gallery approximately 2 weeks after your session.


Galleries are available for 5 consecutive days. I will email you to let you know your gallery is ready and you let me know when you'd like your 5 days to start. I will then email you the log-in information on the start day you give me.


You will need to follow the detailed ordering instructions and complete the checkout process even if you are only choosing the 5 images that come with your session.


Once your gallery expires, an extension may be purchased for $25 per day. You will see this when you visit your expired gallery and access will be granted immediately once it's paid.


Your ordered digital images will be delivered electronically within 3 business days, and I will send you a separate email with a download link.


Ordered digital images come with a lab recommendation and a personal print release.


Due to the custom nature of the products offered, all sales are final.