I first photographed Parker back in 2008 when he was just 6 years old and strumming a guitar …

boy with a guitar by Atlanta child photographer

Now he is just a little taller than his momma! Parker has grown up into such a handsome young man and I love that his mom brought him to me for some updated photos!

Mom and teen son by Atlanta family photographer

We document our pregnancies, have a deluxe photo session for our newborns, make sure to capture those cute chubby babies of ours, and even get a few more photo sessions in while our kids are small. Then our kids get a little bigger. Our lives are filled with juggling activities and balancing appointments. These years can be so busy but don’t let them fly by without putting professional photos on the calendar! I have five children of my own – some grown, some not far from grown and one in preschool! I know all too well how these few short years with our babies go by in the blink of an eye. You will treasure the photos you get for a lifetime.

Just look at these awesome smiles on Parker and his beautiful mom. ♥

mom and teen son by west Georgia family photographer

outdoor photo session by Atlanta teen photographer

teen photographer Atlanta

Mom and teen son by Atlanta family photographer

mom and teen boy by Atlanta family photographer

. . .

more about Atlanta teen photographer, Simply Corey Photography:

Simply Corey Photography is located in West Georgia, near Carrollton, Newnan, Douglasville, Villa Rica, and Bremen. I began my photography business in late 2004 and have photographed many teens, high school seniors, and families throughout metro Atlanta since then. Custom portrait sessions may take place at my private outdoor location or the location of your choice within greater Atlanta.

Would you like some more information? I have put together some information together for families and high school senior sessions with Simply Corey Photography, as well as several other types of portrait sessions. Each link provides examples of my work, what to expect, and starting rates. You may request detailed pricing and my availability by sending me an email!

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  1. These are so beautiful Simply Corey! I just love the ones where the boy is sitting on the logs and the affection you captured between the boy and his mother are just priceless.

  2. i see great smiles in front of log piles, in the woods, in front of bricks, on a path, and in a field. i am going to guess that this mom and her son enjoyed this photo session together~!

  3. I love this amazing relationship that you captured! The bond between mother and son! Great work with this beautiful family portrait photography again!

  4. I love seeing the photo from when he was 6 and now! It so true that we get wrapped up in activities and everything that later on time passes faster than we realize and forget to make getting pictures taken a priority. I think these are so amazing! You are absolutely incredible at what you do!

  5. Goodness that first photo is amazing!!!(as are all the ones that followed it!) Parker grew in to such a handsome young man! I love that he and his Mom took the time to document the teen years. You’re so right about it going by in the blink of an eye. Though my oldest is only 4, I feel this way already! Beautiful job on this Mother & Son session.

  6. I love that you included the guitar image of this boy from his first portrait session with you! Look at how he has grown! One of my sons finally passed me up in height, and it was a big deal in our house. How nice that this mom has beautiful portraits documenting that because I am sure this boy will just keep getting taller!

  7. Melanie Painter says:

    I just love these! Photographing teens can be kind of difficult but you made this look easy! I especially love that guitar photograph!

  8. Maria Martinez says:

    You made such an awesome point! We have hospital sessions and newborn session, etc but why not older kiddos!? Love that you did this session for them! Mom and Parker will love these photos and the one from 6 years ago is SO adorable!

  9. What a cutie!!! <3 He is seriously adorable and I love that you've done his photos before! How special! I know his family is really going to love these images forever!

  10. Corey, you are one talented photographer in Atlanta! These beautiful clean crisp images of this teen boy and his mother will surely be cherished forever.

  11. Aw these are so precious! It’s rare to see photos of just mom and son at this phase of life; you captured them so well.

  12. Beautiful images. I love how he just pops against the background! I bet mama is going to cherish these images of her son.

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