I have known this beautiful lady for several years now, so I was very excited when she said she wanted a photo session with her amazing Boxer, Boozer! He is such an awesome dog and Amanda is such a great furbaby mama! She has had Boozer since he could be away from his mama and he will be 6 next month! Amanda and I are friends on Facebook and I always love seeing the photos she posts of them together. I think this quote is very fitting:

“Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never owned a dog.” ♥

woman and her Boxer by Atlanta pet photographer

woman and her Boxer dog by Atlanta pet photographer

These next ones of Boozer crack me up because they weren’t planned – as you can see by Amanda’s expression in the first one! He just felt like burning off some energy!

Boxer by Atlanta pet photographer

Atlanta pet photography of a woman and her Boxer

Overall, Boozer did an amazing job during his photo shoot! If you look at the photo on the bottom right, you can even see him sneaking Amanda some kisses! ♥

woman and her Boxer by west Georgia pet photographer

woman and her Boxer by west Georgia pet photographer

woman and her Boxer by Douglasville pet photographer

And I had to include one of our “assistant” from that day. My son loves animals and was so excited to help out with Boozer!

child and a Boxer dog by Atlanta pet photographer

Interested in a Boxer of your own? I highly encourage you to take a peek at the Atlanta Boxer Rescue! I am pretty partial to Boxers since I have one of my own, but I do think they are amazing dogs and definitely worth checking out!

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more about atlanta pet photographer, simply corey photography:

Simply Corey Photography is located in West Georgia, near Carrollton, Newnan, Douglasville, Villa Rica, and Bremen. I began my photography business in late 2004 and have photographed many childrenhigh school seniors, and families with their pets throughout metro Atlanta since then.  Custom portrait sessions may take place at my private outdoor location or the location of your choice within greater Atlanta.

Would you like some more information? I have put together some information together for family and children’s portrait sessions with Simply Corey Photography, as well as several other types of portrait sessions. Each link provides examples of my work, what to expect, and starting rates. You may request detailed pricing and my availability by sending me an email!

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  1. Maria Martinez says:

    Oh my! Boozer is so stinking handsome! What an adorable shoot with Amanda and her furbaby!!

  2. These are beautiful photos of Boozer the Boxer with his human. You photographed some sweet moments of their connection as well as dogs just being dogs. I think more pet owners in Atlanta should give you a call for beautiful portraits!

  3. Corey, these images are FABULOUS! I have so many friends with Boxers — and other adopted fur-babies — and I’m headed over to Facebook right now to share this blog post with them. What a wonderful (WONDERFUL!) idea to photograph a sweet little guy and his fur mama. This Atlanta portrait session is just precious.

  4. These are so beautiful! I love how the dog was incorporated into the shoot. So adorable. Great photos!

  5. This pet photography session is so cute. I love how you posed Boozer with his owner. It’s just like a portrait session with people. You really captured their personalities.

  6. Boozer sure has a momma that loves him you can tell. What a super fun pet session since most people’s dogs are like their children makes sense to do this kind of session. I love this location in Atlanta for a pet photography.

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