I am a dog lover with two of my own, and I love when families include their furbabies in their sessions! This family has two beautiful Bull Mastiffs who were sweet as can be. ♥

Atlanta family photographer, outside portrait session with two dogs

Douglasville family photographer, outside photos in grass with two bull mastiff dogsMiss Samba looks awesome for being close to 11! She did so well walking around the property and modeling for me!

Douglasville pet photographer, yellow bull mastiff dog outside

I think both dogs enjoyed being out in the country during our session!

Atlanta pet photographer, two bull mastiff dogs outside

I love the adoring looks on Jon and Beth’s faces. Samba and Lyla are definitely their babies. ♥

family photographer Newnan, couples with dogs on a blanket outside

Carrollton, Georgia family photographer, couple outside with dogs

Newnan family photographer, couple with mastiff dogs outside on a blanket

family photographer Douglasville, couple playing outside with mastiff dogs

family photographer Carrollton, couple with mastiff dogs outside

I am totally in love with Lyla’s underbite. ♥

Newnan pet photographer, bull mastiff with a bow outside

Carrollton, Georgia pet photographer, bull mastiffs outside on a blanket

Villa Rica pet photographer, two Bull Mastiffs outside on a blanket

family photographer Villa Rica, couple walking with two dogs outside

I love the progression in these next photos. We went to take pictures of Jon and Beth by themselves, but the dogs had other ideas! Ha!

family photographer Atlanta, couple with two Mastiffs outside in a field

We made it work though. ♥

Atlanta couples photographer, golden hour photography session

Newnan couples photographer, golden hour outdoor photography session

. . .

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  1. Those are some big puppies!  But I bet they think they are little lap dogs. This family will have a hard time choosing what photos to put on their walls!

  2. Dogs are just the best and I love the way you captured them with their humans. It looks like the whole family had a fantastic session!  

  3. What a fun family session! I love the warm light you captured in these images, and you seem to have done a fantastic job capturing the dogs’ personalities! Wonderful memories for this couple to enjoy. 

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